grocery shopping


After the dental appointment this morning, I stopped at this new market.

Really a clean fresh interior with a good selection of packaged and fresh ingredients. Also a luncheon area and a large case of sushi ready to eat. You could hear them chopping and packaging even as I chose a couple of trays.

Couldn’t resist the cookies. They were indeed soft – have no idea what the green filling is beyond just … well … pretty. Way too much packaging. Each cookie was in its own little package and there were only ten in the big package.



what big eyes you have


While cleaning out our attic in preparation for blown insulation, I found boxes of stuffed toys packed up over 20 years ago.  I assumed some might be destroyed if I piled them in the washing machine, but in they went and I just walked away from all those cute handmade and surface-clean-only little faces floating in the soapy bubbles.

These little guys survived completely intact as did all but one of the other toys.  But when I looked these over while they dried, they looked pretty scary to me.  So I changed their eyeballs.  The cat got a nose.  I think they’re better, but hot pink tails?

The clean toys are boxed up and awaiting their final destination, another attic or perhaps a garage sale. Only my daughter knows.



a little weaving


Lately I’ve been doing a little weaving. As in small stuff. The ten yard warp has become uninteresting and boring at this point. Always happens to me. I’ll finish it eventually. Pushing on when I’m not interested just causes sloppy weaving.

So instead I am doing intentionally sloppy weaving.

Colorful little things woven from ribbons, tapes, and yarn, mounted on painted 6 x 6 inch canvases.

These will be in the Holiday Sale in November.  Good diversion.


cleaning up and clearing out


I know it seems like nothing has been happening around here – but really I’ve been working hard. I’m cleaning things up and clearing things out. I’ve also written a lot of blog posts back dated to June about my trip to England. I still have to work on posts from July. I’ve almost lost an entire month!

Started to toss out the last drips of transfer dye (feeling very Flylady) and I just couldn’t do it. Had to tape some paper down and use it up right now. I’m on the fourth layer of red. There is a bluish color which may be green and a brownish color which be yellow. At the end of the last session, I kinda just started mixing things because I really don’t like primary colors all that much. With transfer dye, you never know what you’re going get, Forest. Here’s a post on how I used transfer dye earlier this year at Girl Scout Camp.  Wait till it’s dry, then cut out shapes and iron it upside down onto polyester. I know, I know, Polly Ester is not my BFF either. But I’ve found some really cool textured fabrics to use.

Then we’ve cleared out attic crawl spaces so that insulation could be blown in and four or five of the boxes were toys from my daughter’s childhood.  I’ve washed most of them up in the washing machine and left them to air dry piled on a chair between trips outdoors into the sunshine.  It’s been raining a lot lately.

So I come back from an errand and here’s Oscar looking all sheepish and carefully cradling his new friend.  A tiny Pound Puppy that he stole off the pile of stuffed toys.  Ah, well, I took off the collar with the tiny buckle and will watch to see if he works on the eyes and nose.  So far, he’s just enjoying the tail.  He likes little animals and keeps them for months and then suddenly, he decided that the stuffing must be removed completely and forever.

Now I can toss out the dry dye containers and stiff foam brushes. Yea! And putting some stuff back in front of the crawl space doors in the closets upstairs. Double Yea! I may be able to see the guest bedroom again. But Boo! I have to keep the boxes of clean toys until the next garage sale.

For now, back to watching paint dry.

it’s hot here


The minute I walked into the house after my trip to England, I knew there was something wrong. The air conditioning wasn’t working right. It was 85 degrees in the house and it smelled punky. The grill king hadn’t noticed so no telling how long the mildew was allowed to grow. Dusting is not done with a feather around here. You have to scrub off the crud that accumulates. Gotta love living in a swamp. Anyway, I fussed with the controls and after waiting a day for it to de-ice, it worked okay for a few days and then conked out again yesterday. Today I am having it serviced; probably needs a Freon charge. Because my daughter and grandson and I are heading out for a road trip to Alabama tomorrow and I don’t want to come home to a stinky house twice this summer. I am not sure how Oscar is going to feel about this second trip. He pretty much was a mess while I was gone the last time.

 travel day


On the road again. Yesterday we were in Lincoln for the Poppies Wave at the castle. 

Also took about a hundred photos in the cathedral. Today we’re off to ArtVanGo and the meet-the-artists reception at From the Earth textiles Exhibition Mardleybury Gallery.

Tomorrow I fly home. Back to coffee in the morning instead of tea while enjoying this view. 

And this adoring company. 

More travel diary pages will be posted and dozens of photos. You have been warned. 

castle in Lincoln


Lincoln Castle gates in the foreground, the Lincoln Cathedral spires in the distance.

The castle “rooks”  – standing as pieces from a chess board.

The advertisement for the exhibition that drew us to Lincoln – Poppies Wave – and a horse drawn carriage waiting for its next hire.

The walls of the castle.  You can take a walk around the walls much as a guard would walk.  I’ve done that on other walls in England and it’s not my favorite thing to do.  So no photos from way up there by me.

Here is the wave of poppies commemorating the 100th anniversary of the part that Lincoln played in World War I. It was a major center for aircraft construction.  The docent explained that the shape of the sculpture shows the waves of men (many of whom died) climbing out of the trenches and onto the battlefield.  More than 18,000 names of Lincolnshire men who died during the First World War are written by hand into the Books of Remembrance at Lincoln Cathedral which was our next stop.

The textures of the castle were not lost on me.  Herringbone stones in the wall.

These strong net modules are laid where visitors walk – much better than pavement everywhere.  I’d like some for my garden.

Notice the pristine part of the cornerstones.  Constant renovation of the castle means some of the stones haven’t had time to age properly.

We shopped in the tent gift shop on the green as well as inside the castle.  I brought home poppy scarves, a poppy pin, and biplane kites and a biplane tie tack.  The shopkeeper in the tent was very good and offered us a taste of the wines they were selling.  Strawberry wine.  I had two tastes and it was so good, I wish I had brought home a case of it.





cathedral in Lincoln


“Don’t be far too clever; but seek to be good,
And when you’re in Lincoln, behave as you should;”
from The Legend of the Lincoln Imp, by H. J. Kesson

Still recounting the trip to England in June.

The Lincoln Cathedral – said to be build of the stone it stands on.

Around the square just outside the cathedral grounds.

Looking around the area in front of the cathedral. One small building to the right …

… with a bright blue door.  No mention of it in this wiki article on the cathedral.

An imposing entrance.

Detail over the door.

Textures carved everywhere in limestone.

The breathtaking vaulted interior.

Details catch my eye. It took me a long time to explore the cathedral and still I missed the Angel Choir.


Some day I’d like to know the story of this carved face in the wall.

The window seen from within.

… and from the cloisters.

And finally, Wendy led me around again to find the Angel Choir where the Imp was turned to stone.

Seems the little fellow is still making mischief.